Christmas Turkeys 2020

Christmas Turkeys

There are 2 breeds of turkey at Partridge Hill Farm both reared free ranging between woodland and pasture in small flock numbers for the highest welfare.

The birds spend 100% of their adult life outdoors, at night they are protected from foxes and the rain in open-sided mobile coops with plenty of perch space. As winter approaches straw is added for those which prefer to sleep on the ground.

Due to the uncertain times this year, the turkeys have been hatched later in the year so they won’t be as large as usual, however, to reassure our customers who are a whole bird is too much to prepare all at once this year we are offering a butchery service. Therefore if you are purchasing a whole bird and would like it spatchcocked and cut in half that will be possible, or you can have as much or little of it jointed. Please get in touch for more details.


Whole Birds less than 5.5kg are £15.95/kg and those larger £11.95/kg


Turkey Crowns and Leg Joints are £21.49/kg



All turkeys are now sold out. Please email us at to be added to the newsletter list so as not to miss out next year!



The 2 breeds;



The Norfolk Bronze for the satisfied family; 

This breed is a broad-breasted bird so has a large well finished shape with plenty of meat and a milder flavour. Like the Norfolk Black it is a slow-growing breed that thrives in the outdoor environment. Their natural outdoor life at Partridge Hill Farm ensures a juicy and flavour-full meat.

“Just to let you know we really enjoyed your big bronze  turkey – still eating turkey soup etc in fact!” CE Sidford

“Best Turkey we’ve ever had!” GV. Sidmouth

************************************************ NORFOLK BRONZE ARE NOW SOLD OUT*********************************************************

The Norfolk Black for the foodie; 

This breed produces a rich flavoured, coloured and textured meat that will surpass any other breed you’ve tried before. It is a long-breasted bird those smaller, though still plump, breast is compensated by its wow-factor flavour.


“I would say that the black turkey from you was the juiciest and tastiest we’ve ever had” SH, Hemyock

“I’ve never tasted such a good turkey!” DM Westhill

***************************************************** NORFOLK BLACKS ARE NOW SOLD OUT  ******************************************

Choosing the size of your bird

Your turkey will be selected as close as possible to the weight you require depending on the availability come Christmas I’ll certainly do my best to match you up with the right bird for your celebratory meal.

Both the breeds are reared in the same outdoor free-range system so the prices for them are not different.


Number of servings         kg        lb            £
.                 4                      4         9        63.80
.                 6                      5        11        79.75
.               10                      7       15       85.65

.               12                      9       20        107.55

Delivery and Invoicing

Delivery is free in East Devon and Teignbridge, from Lyme Regis to Newton Abbot including Exeter, and will be made around 22nd December, a confirmation email will be sent closer to the time. The turkeys will arrive weighed “oven-ready” in a plastic bag with their gibbets bagged inside them. The invoice for them will be emailed to the customer when the weights have been confirmed once the birds have been processed in December.



How to order

To order either email,, or give me a call on 07986 175 612.

A deposit of £35.00 will be asked for, which will be deducted from the final invoice.

Do contact me directly for more information.


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