Mid Summer Newsletter 2016

Dear Friends and Customers of Partridge Hill Farm,

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

The winter jobs of fencing and hedge laying are a distant memory as the summer tasks of clearing bramble, nettle and willow overgrowth have taken over and not forgetting the ditches that need to be cleared once it dries up a bit more.

Everything and one on the farm are blooming along nicely at this time of year, the grass is long lush and green while the fruits on the bushes and trees are forming up fast.

The lambs are really quickly catching their mothers up in size, and they look more like pedigrees as each day their fleeces grow a little longer.

The pigs to are all doing well roaming outdoors under the trees digging roots and nuts up between wallowing in the mud as they love to. There are currently 3 traditional breeds on the farm; Berkshire, Saddleback and Durock, as I’m trying to find the best breed suited to the farm.

The turkeys will be arriving next month to occupy their new housing in the next field of their rotation which I’m looking forward to, their morning and evening routines will complement those of the pigs very nicely as I visit them all every day.

My first Saddleback pigs are ready to be sent off now so so if you would like to order a half pig meat box please let me know. As they are my first pork boxes I am offering them at an introductory price of £6.20/kg and anticipate the boxes to contain 20-25kgs. The joints will be cut as required (large, medium or small leg joints, Pork Belly as one joint or sliced, 1 tenderloin, 12 chops, and the shoulders will either be jointed or made into sausages). Please let me know if you might be interested in one of these boxes and I’ll discuss the options further with you.

Many thanks and compliments of the season!